3D Printing

I  bought a Prusa MK2 printer kit a few years back and have learned a lot about 3D printing and 3D modeling over the years.  I like to mix 3D printing with other projects I work on.  Of course, like all makers, I have upgraded, updated, and modified my printer to an MK2.5S with MMU2 with a few improvements from the maker community.


Battery Box

This is one of my most useful 3D printed projects for amateur radio field work.  Of course, it can be used for non-amateur radio work, as well.  It is a 20AHr LiFePO4 battery in a .30 Cal ammo box.  The panel is 3D printed with all lettering.  It has a DC/DC converter for charging voltage input, a 30A circuit breaker on/off switch, a meter for monitoring the charge input power and an LCD meter for monitoring the voltage, current, power, amp hour, and time the battery is discharging.  It has Anderson power poles for connecting amateur radio equipment, a DC jack, and two USB ports.  You can find the files on thingiverse.com.

Visors for Face Shields

I worked with a team of people to 3D printed 1000s of visors to support front line workers needing PPE during the COVID19 pandemic. My printer is a workhorse and printed faithfully 24 hours a day/7 days a week for weeks on end with only a bit of maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, the need for 3D printed face shields is diminishing now. The neat thing was being able to mix 2 or more colors in the same print for uniquely colored visors.  The team I worked with can be found and the bottom of the page here.

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